Note: If you are not from U.S.A. or Canada you don't need to read this.


Dear Tatra fans,

    within last two years I was always in USA to spend there my vacations and earn some money to study and mainly to have some money to work with my favorite cars.

    So I decided myself that this year I would like to travel a little to see what about America is (I was all that time - 4 months - in Brooklyn. NYC is not America.) So propably if everything will be ok then me and my friends will take one of my Tatras and travel across USA and propably we will visit my friend in Montreal too. This trip will be from 7 to 9/2001. First month of travel we will stay in NYC to work a little and to earn some money to have easy travelling and to get back some cash for shipping of car. Then we will go to have interesting trip across USA and maybe Canada. I don't know where we will go but certainly Florida,Lousiana, LA, San Francisco, west coast, Vancouver, northstates of USA, Montreal. This path is just informative. Real trip will look totally different and will depend on chance.



    But why am I writing about it? My vision is that after our travel I will want to sell that Tatra. I am not decided which model but only Tatra 603 or Tatra 613. So if you are interested in buying one then please email me and when I will be in the USA then you can see my car when I will be near the path you can see on the map. I need to know what model of car you want to buy because it will help me to choose which model to use on my trip.

   And of course when I will travel I will need some income. So if you have any ocassional small jobs (for 2 or three people) for few days near the path I will welcome them.

   I would like to see some HotRods in Florida and California. So if you know date and place of some big shows in summer then please email me.