Last updated: 2.3.2003     My e-mail adress

2.3.03 New cars for sale.

14.5.02 Tatra shirts are still available. I have made another pack of Tatrashirts (Tshirts:-)) ). New section "Renovation" added. I would like to describe how I renovate my Tatras and offer them to a new holder.

13.1.02 I have some Tatra shirts. Only 10 pieces from each. In case of interes I can make more.

23.9.01 I have put here information about Tatra models from Tatra 613/1 - 5 to T700 1/2 but only in Czech version (sorry). I have not enought time to translate it. Maybe in a future?

5.6.01 Some wallpapers in download section added.

5.6.01 I have added some 613 models but to Czech pages only:-(.

8.04.01 New 613 and some photos of blue 603 and renovated 603 added. Are you from USA and do you want to buy Tatra 603 or 613? Click here.

20.12.00 Spare parts list updated.

23.11.00 New phone number and some pictures of my 1961, T613 and this one added. 

20.10.00 Another nice Tatra added. At last I have finished renovation of my Tatra.

5.9.00 Tatra 613-3 for sale. T603 nr.3 is not available until November. Then will be for sale.

29.8.00 T603 for sale.

10.7.00 Looking for inexpensive T700, T613-4Mi LONG or T613 with injection.