Here you can find another spare parts list. Available in Czech language only - with cathalog numbers.


front bumper (b.n.) rear bumper rear bumper (b.n.)
sill stainless steel ribbon (b.n.) all kinds of ribbons - doors window ribbons with rubber
all lights and winking lights lids (b.n. and older)  


inlet valves (b.n.) outlet valves (b.n.) pistons (b.n.)
piston rods (b.n.) oil coolers (b.n. and older) T805 too all paper, rubber and silicon gaskets (b.n.)
carburators (b.n. and older) suction for single carburator distributors
tyristor ignition (b.n. and older) outlet knees  

Gear box:

synchron (b.n.) some gears (b.n.) differential (b.n.)
clutch web (b.n.) clutch clutch bearing (b.n.)
+ many other parts (b.n.)    


front wing - right (b.n.) front wing - left (b.n.) "underwing" - right (b.n.)
"underbattery" brass (b.n.) some brasses front mask - plastic (b.n. and older)
rear air interceptors front window + rubber rear windows + rubbers
front window small    


front disc brakes (b.n.) rear disc brakes (b.n.) front skids (b.n.)
rear skids (b.n.) drum brakes (b.n.) lining - disc & drums (b.n.)
differential cuffs (b.n.) rear shock - absorbers (b.n.) front shock - absorbers (b.n.)
shock - absorber silentblocks (b.n.) all for front track (b.n.) trail arms (b.n.)
shanks (b.n.) tires + tire-tubes (tread)  

The rest:

petrol heating (b.n. and older) control (b.n.) petrol tank (b.n.)
seats - gray speedometers winking lights (b.n. and older)
front reflectors (b.n.and older) rear lights (b.n. and older)