603/2 (model 3)

Tatra 603/2 - model 3

Model 3 is not official sign but most of people are using it. Tatra wanted to produce 603/3 but has been changed by T613. Wide four reflector mask. Plain fron cowl, fuel tank neck in front right wing. Orange wing lights. Cornered bumpers. Extended air catchers. Chrome strips are placed in 2/3 of door height.

Different rear cowl and rear cowl chrome body strip. Again cornered bumper with shorter side end.New stop and tail light. Different exhaust end.
Engine type H with thyristor ignition, power 105hp. Propably there was a prototype of J-engine of 123 HP which should be used in a 603/3 but has never been used because Tatra started to produce model 613 with different 3,5 liter engine. Maybe there exist a few prototypes of J-engine?