Tatra 2.603

    A new owner of my Tatra wanted to put a contact to him here. If you are from GB and you want to see any Tatra you can contact him.


Vehicle information:

Build: 1970

 Engine: 603-H

 Color: black, blue metallic

 Condition: 95%

 Exterior: 70%, 90%

 Interior: 85%


New owner:

Mr. Paul Wilson

53, Elm Grove Road



GU14 7RD


Phone: 00 44 (0) 1252 516 760


  This Tatra was born in 1970 (model 69). Paint was black. Present colour is blue metallic. 


Car when I have bought it...



...after pain job with its new owner.





Parts which were changed by new one:

- rear shock - absorbers, rear spring, rear disc brakes and skids and lining, trail arms, front disc brakes and skids and lining, front and rear silentblocks

Parts which were not changed:

- front shock - absorbers and springs

- gearbox

- engine is perfect. Average fuel consumption is 11,14.