Tatra 613-4 KAT


 Build: 1993

 Engine: 613-4

 Colour: metallic

 Condition: 95%

 Exterior: 95%

 Interior: 95%



Tatra 613-4 OTS  PK.


Car used between:   9.9.1993 5.5.1998          56 months only !!!

Speedometer:    189000 km


The car is equipped with air condition, catalyzers, electric windows. Carburetor engine, 168 HP air cooled V8 in a great state. Overall rare condition. Ready for steering servo. Really nice and hold car. Garage.


Tatra 613-4 is almost same as Tatra 613-3. Main difference is in engine which has automatic hitch which starts/stops engine cooling. Engine starts to cool not until running temperature. So the car has higher power when not cooled (about +20 HP). The carburetors have cut-out solenoid to cut off idling jet when car runs. 613-4 has different wheel pitch, distribution of hot air from heating, hardened seats of valves so you have to use unleaded petrol, interior and some exterior parts.